African Imprint Outdoor Centre was established in 2007.  It is a 12hectar plot of land in the Kirkwood area on the banks of the Sundays River and Ui River, part of the Sundays River Valley.  It is an area where children and adults of all ages can come and play or just relax and have some fun in the process.  All activities are based on team building and promotes self confidence, better communication, trust and discovering new abilities about one self.  Most children that come to African Imprint do things that they have never done before and thought they would never be able to do.  The joy on their faces is reward in itself.


All instructors that volunteer at African Imprint have worked with children over several years.  Some come from Scouting backgrounds, teaching, youth work in rural areas, Sport and Recreation, Field guides and many more.  Each instructor receives training at African Imprint to maintain a quality of service to our customers.  Safety rules and regulations form a huge part when working with children and adults.  All our staff are trained in first aid as well and adhere to strict rules and regulations regarding safety during all activities.  All campers go through a session of rules and regulations every day at camp to ensure each camper's safety and enjoyment.

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